Registry Healer


Clean the Windows Registry to improve your computer's performance



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Registry Healer is an efficient tool that will help you optimize your computer's performance.

The program has been designed to scan the programs that begin when you start your computer, slowing down both the start up and general operation.

The Windows Registry usually stores old or invalid directories from constantly installing and uninstalling programs on your computer. Regular use of this app will eliminate anything unnecessary with just the touch of a button, and without having to resort to manually deleting.

A good boot-time scan of your computer is always necessary to get your system running smoothly, without serious errors or frequent failures.

Another notable advantage of Registry Healer is that it will never eliminate invalid items, but instead attempt to correct them.

In addition, this tool offers a backup of all entries in the Registry so that they can be restored in case something goes wrong and anything mistakenly gets deleted.
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